How much salary does the US President get? Know about retirement benefits and all other facilities


Being the president of America is not only a matter of prestige, but it also brings many benefits and perks. Not only does the President get a salary of $ 4,00,000 (Rs. 2,94,19,440) every year, but he also has the facility of a house, personal aircraft, and chopper. Apart from the salary, the US President is also given 17 different allowances. Let's take a look at the allowances of the US President.

the White House

The official residence of the US President has undergone many changes since the year 1800. The six-story, 55,000-square-foot building consists of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 28 fireplaces. It also has a tennis court, a bowling alley, a family movie theater, a jogging track, and a swimming pool. The White House employs five chefs, sashle secretaries, a chief calligrapher, florist, valet, and butler.

Blair House

The official state guest house for the US President is 70,000 square feet larger than the White House. It has 119 rooms, including more than 20 bedrooms for guests and staff. It also has 35 bathrooms, four dining rooms, a gym, a flower shop, and a hair salon.

Camp David

Founded in 1935, this presidential mountain is a 128-acre property in the mountains of Maryland. Every president since Franklin Roosevelt has used this feature.

air Force One

It is designed to transport the American President. The aircraft has onboard electronics to protect against electromagnetic pulse. In addition, it is equipped with advanced secure communication devices that allow it to function as a mobile command center in the event of an attack. Fuel can also be filled in midair on the plane.

Marine forest

The President's official chopper flies with five identical helicopters. It can operate a rescue mission and can operate cruise at a speed of 150 mph even if the engine fails. It is equipped with anti-missile systems and ballistic armor.

The beast

The President's state car 'limousine' is considered the safest car in the world. Not only are its doors armored-plated, but it also creates a 100 percent seal when it is closed for protection in the event of a chemical attack. The windows have five-layer glass and polycarbonate. The car also has an oxygen supply, fire fighting system, and blood bank.

secret Service

The US President and his family get round-the-clock security. They are protected by the Secret Service, one of the country's oldest federal investigative agencies.

the wages

The US President receives a taxable salary of $ 4,00,000 (Rs. 2,94,19,440). In addition, they also receive an entertainment allowance of $ 19,000, an annual expense allowance of $ 50,000, and a non-taxable travel allowance of $ 100,000.

retirement benefits

The US president also receives a pension. The annual pension of a retired president is $ 200,000. In addition, the widow of a former president also receives an annual allowance of $ 100,000.