How 168% tax is charged on petrol of 32 rupees in India! Click here to understand the complete math


Government oil companies on Friday increased the price of diesel by 33 -35 paise and the price of petrol by 30 -31 paise. Petrol in the national capital Delhi has crossed Rs 90 per liter for the first time.

Petrol in Delhi is Rs 90.19 while diesel is Rs 80.60 per liter. Today we are going to tell you about how much is the price of petrol without tax?

We are going to tell you how much tax the central and state governments charge on petrol? Delhi is charged less tax than other states. Even then, 168 percent tax is levied on petrol here.

According to Indian Oil (IOC), the ex-factory price of one liter of petrol is just Rs 31.82. But by imposing VAT and tax on petrol, the central and state governments fill their treasury. In Delhi, the central government is collecting a tax of Rs 32.90 and the state government of Rs 20.61. The total tax of the Center and states becomes Rs 53.51.

Tax on diesel

The ex-factory price per liter of diesel in Delhi is Rs 33.46. The central government tax on this is Rs 31.80 while the state government tax is Rs 11.68. In this way, the total tax becomes Rs 43.48 per liter.

So now you must have understood how central and state governments have raised the prices of petrol.