HDFC Bank : Customers beware, will not be able to use net banking for six hours from 12 pm


If you have to deal with any bank work digitally and your account is with HDFC Bank, then this news is important for you. This is because customers of the country's largest private bank will not be able to avail the facilities of net banking and mobile banking for six hours on July 18. In this case, your work may get stuck. So you should get your important work done soon. In this context, the bank has also issued an alert to its customers.

What did the bank tell the customers?

In a message sent through e-mail, the bank told its customers that due to maintenance work, the services of net banking and mobile banking will be closed for customers from 12 pm to 6 am on July 18, 2021. During this scheduled maintenance work will be done.

It is worth noting that HDFC Bank is the largest private sector bank in India and it is constantly trying to provide better services to its customers. This is not the first time that HDFC Bank customers have faced problems. HDFC Bank customers have faced similar problems many times in the past as well.

In December, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had asked HDFC Bank to temporarily halt upcoming digital business activities and issuance of new credit cards. Then the central bank gave this order as the functioning of HDFC's data center was affected. HDFC Bank had earlier said that it has taken several measures to strengthen its IT system in the last two years and will complete the remaining work expeditiously. The bank had said that it is taking concrete steps to address the recent problems in digital banking channels.

Earlier these facilities were closed for SBI customers

Earlier, SBI customers also faced a similar problem. SBI had told its customers in a tweet that the bank will do maintenance work from 10.45 pm on 16 July 2021 till 1.15 pm (17 July 2021). That is, the facilities of Internet Banking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), YONO, and YONO Lite were not available for the customers for 150 minutes.