Has come on the market on zoom, will help in earning money


It is true that the coronavirus has spread around us. It will take a long time for the situation to return to normal. The fear is that everyone is avoiding going to the gym, club, and any public meeting. Those fitness, training, to teach DJ and live in a concert, it went growing concern. Now a new online event platform-onZoom has been brought to the attention of video meeting app Zoom. This will help you earn money from people involved in fitness training, teaching, and online gathering.

If you want to grow your business online, you can use the new online event platform OnZoom, the video meeting app Zoom. With this new platform, paid users can create, host, and monetize events such as fitness classes, music, standup, and music lessons. With this new platform, hosts can grow their business and present themselves to new audiences.

According to our partner website zeebiz.com, Zoom has given users many features to use their new platform. Like he can gift tickets on it and also create an interactive dashboard. Zoom has launched a 2-factor authentication feature to make the app more secure. This feature can be used to prevent hacking, especially during after-school online classes or subsequent meetings. Two-factor authentication may differ for users. You can use a password or PIN for this or use a smart card, mobile device, fingerprint sensor, voice, etc.

Zoom said features of the new platform are available on a public beta for US users. Let me tell you that as the India-China dispute grew, there was talk of banning the zoom app in India. But the government has not taken any decision on this.