Gold-silver rates today: gold and silver rolled once again! Click here to know what is the price 


The wedding season is about to start in the country, meanwhile, the prices of gold and silver are showing fluctuations. The glitter of gold has been declining for several days now, today 0.33 percent on MCX has fallen by 10 grams The price has reached 45 thousand 767 rupees, while the price of one kg silver has fallen to 65 thousand 715 rupees on MCX by 0.28 percent.

Earlier, in the past days, the price of 10 grams of gold had seen an increase of 1.25 percent, i.e. 600 rupees. Silver became expensive by two percent, ie Rs 1300 per kg.

According to traders, the price of gold in the bullion market of the country can go up to Rs 46,200 per 10 grams this week, while silver can see a level of Rs 69 thousand per kg, while gold on the domestic futures market MCX can be Rs 45,800 per kg. 10 grams can go up, while silver can see a level of 67,000 rupees per kg.