Gold prices rose in Jaipur! Click here to see today's prices


These days in Rajasthan, there is a huge fluctuation in the price of gold and silver, there is a decreasing increase in the prices of gold every day, sometimes the prices of gold are heavy and sometimes the price of gold starts touching the sky.

Let me tell you that today, the price of gold and silver has again seen a change in the bullion market of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Today, there was an increase in the price of gold in the bullion of Jaipur, today the price of 10 grams of gold has increased to 45,680 in the bullion market of Jaipur. So the price of one kilogram of silver has been Rs 65,300 in the bullion market.

There has been an increase of Rs 780 in the price of gold from yesterday till today, let us tell that the price of gold is fixed based on which most of the ornaments are made of 22 carats, apart from this, the price of gold of jewelry is gold. The purity, making charges, the weight of gold, and GST are maintained.