Gold prices fall, silver becomes expensive!


It is common for gold and silver prices to fluctuate. Today, gold prices have fallen once again in futures trading. On the Multi Commodity Exchange at 10.22 am in February 2021, the price of delivery gold has seen a drop of Rs 30.

That is, the gold was seen trending at Rs 48,672 per 10 grams, down 0.06 percent today. In the previous session, gold was at Rs 48,702 per 10 grams.

At the same time, the price of delivery gold has also seen a decline in April. However, it has been reduced by only nine rupees. That is, gold fell by 0.02 percent to trade at Rs 48,706 per 10 grams.

However, the price of silver delivered in March 2021 on MCX has increased by Rs 201. The silver was seen trending up by 0.31 percent to Rs 64,965 per kg. In the previous session, the price of this silver was Rs 64,764 per kg.