Gold Price Today: There has been a jump in the price of gold and silver, check today's rate immediately


Along with gold, the price of silver has also registered a jump on Wednesday. On MCX, the price of 10 grams of gold rose by 0.19 percent. Silver has seen a rise of 0.03 percent. Gold is trading at a level of Rs 47,981 per 10 grams. Silver prices have also gained marginally today.

On MCX, gold rose by 0.19 percent to Rs 47,981 per 10 grams. Silver is trading at Rs 69,100 per kg after gaining 0.03 percent.

Talking about the year 2020, at that time the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX was Rs 56191. Today gold August futures are at the level of Rs 47,981 per 10 grams on MCX, that is, still gold is getting much cheaper than the record high.

Bullion market experts say that there are many reasons for fluctuations in the rate of gold, such as changes in currency prices in the international market, inflation, gold reserves with central banks, their interest rates, jewelry market, geographical tension, trade War, and many more. Factors are said to affect the rate of gold. Gold rates fall as Federal Reserve signs interest rates hike