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If you are thinking of buying gold, then buy it because the prices have now slipped below Rs 45,000 per 10 grams. Yesterday, gold futures on MCX became cheaper by Rs 600. Silver has also broken more than Rs 1400. Gold is still seen to decline.

Even today, April futures of gold on MCX are trading at Rs 44770 per 10 grams, down from Rs 45,000 with a softening of Rs 180. This week, gold has become cheaper by Rs 550 per 10 grams so far.

Gold How Cheap

Day Gold This Week (MCX April Futures)

Monday 45308/10 Gram

Tuesday 45548/10 Gram

Wednesday 44948/10 Gram

Thursday 44755./10 Gram (Trading Continued)

Silver move

day silver this week (MCX - March futures)

Monday 67422 / kg

Tuesday 67339 / kg

Wednesday 66113 / kg

Thursday 66350 / kg