Gold price today 22 January 2021: Click here to know the price of gold in your city


The price of gold in India has seen a slight increase on 22 January, while the fall in silver prices has been observed. The price of one gram of 22 carat gold has increased by Rs 1 and currently, it is Rs 4,861, which is in line with the prices received from the Good Return. The price of 10 grams of 22 carat-gold is Rs 48,610 after increasing by Rs 10. Apart from this, the prices of 24-carat gold are also increasing. The price of 10 grams for 24 carat gold is Rs 49,610.

Delhi: In the national capital, 22 carat gold costs Rs 48,410 per 10 grams. Whereas to buy 10 grams of 24 carat gold, you have to pay 52,810 rupees.

Chennai: For 2 2 carat gold you have to pay Rs 46,920 per 10 grams, while for 24 carat gold this amount is Rs 51,190. Compared to the national capital, prices in the city are less expensive.

Kolkata: The price of 22 carat gold in the city is expensive compared to Delhi and Chennai. The price of 10 grams-22 carat gold is Rs 48,440 while the price of 24 carat gold is Rs 51,070.

Mumbai: The rate of 22 carat gold in Mumbai is Rs 48,610, while for 24 carat gold you will have to pay Rs 49,610.

International gold price

In the international market, on Friday, the rate of gold fell 0.43 percent to $ 1,861.90 an ounce. However, the price of gold has increased by 0.13 percent in the last 30 days, which is equal to 2.40 USD.

Silver prices in metro cities

The price of one kilogram of metal was Rs 67,400 in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. However, in Chennai and Hyderabad, the rate of one kilogram of metal is a bit expensive at Rs 72,400.