Gold price today 18 January 2021: there is no change in the price of gold and silver!


There has been no change in the prices of gold and silver today. Today's price is also at the level of the closing price on Saturday. On Friday, gold and silver rose in the bullion market in Delhi. Gold rose by Rs 286 to close at Rs 48,690 per 10 grams.

According to the good returns website, gold in the Mumbai bullion market is Rs 48,890 per 10 grams, while in Kolkata 10 grams gold is priced at Rs 51,090. The price of 10 grams of gold in Bengaluru is Rs 49,620.

Gold in Pune is at Rs 48,890 per 10 grams. In Jaipur and Lucknow, the price of 10 grams of gold is Rs 51,500. Gold in Patna is Rs 48,890 per 10 grams, in Chandigarh 10 grams of gold is priced at Rs 52,230.

February futures trade in gold was trading at Rs 49,702.00 level on MCX, falling by Rs 519.00. The futures trade in March declined by Rs 1703.00 to trade at the level of Rs 64,980.00.

In the US, gold is trading up by $ 0.52 at a rate of $ 1,827.63 an ounce. At the same time, silver is trading up by $ 0.02 at the level of $ 24.77.