GOLD PRICE TODAY, 04 MAY 2021: Gold and silver prices fall!  Click here to see today's price


Gold and silver are once again weak after the strong rally in the market today. While the price of gold had increased by Rs 600 yesterday, silver also had increased by Rs 2470.

Today, gold is trading down by Rs 160 per 10 grams. Gold currently hovers above 47100. The price of gold has come back to last week's level again.

Gold is cheaper by around Rs 9200 from the highest level

Last year, gold on MCX reached Rs 56191 per 10-gram level in August 2020 due to the Corona crisis. If compared to the highest level, gold has broken up to 25 percent.

Talking about silver, its price had closed at close to Rs 70,000 on Monday with a strength of Rs 2460. But today silver futures are showing a decline. Silver has come down to Rs 69700 per kg with a weakness of Rs 170.