Gold has become cheaper, buy it soon or else prices will go high


Gold and silver prices have declined once again amid the Corona transition. Today, gold futures of five August 2020 fell by Rs 60 on the MCX exchange. With this, it was seen trending at Rs 47,078 per ten grams.

On October 5, 2020, the futures price of gold also fell by Rs 19. Due to this, gold was seen trending at Rs 47,248 per ten grams. Apart from this, gold futures on June 5, 2020 fell by Rs 9 to Rs 47,074 per ten grams.

With this, the fall in silver prices was also seen today. Today, on July 3, the futures price of silver on MCX declined by Rs 183. This saw silver trending at Rs 50,428 per kg.

According to experts, the price of gold is going to reach fifty thousand rupees per ten grams in the coming time. That is why people have a chance to buy cheap gold right now.