Gold became cheaper, silver became so expensive


On the first day of the fifth phase of the lockdown, gold futures on August 5, 2020 fell by Rs 113 on the MCX exchange. With this, gold was seen trending at Rs 46,991 per ten grams.

On the MCX, gold futures price of 5 October 2020 saw a fall of Rs 98. This showed gold to trend at Rs 47,140 per ten grams. However, silver prices rose this morning on MCX.

On July 3, 2020, silver futures saw a jump of 947 rupees. This saw it trend at an all-time high of Rs 51,065 per kg. At the same time, silver futures of 4 September 2020 saw an increase of 945 rupees. With this, its price reached Rs 51,697 per kg.