Get your vehicle tank full immediately, because petrol diesel can be expensive up to 6 rupees!


You should get your vehicle tank full immediately because the central government may soon make petrol diesel quite expensive in the festive season. Petrol and diesel can be expensive up to six rupees. The government is going to increase excise duty on both these products.

This would be due to expensive

, according to reports, it was a setback because of the economy of the epidemic. In such a situation, there is a need to make up for that loss. The government may also announce another relief package. Because of this, it has been decided to increase the prices of petrol and diesel.

1 rupee increase in duty, the government gets so much benefit

, the increase in excise duty of one rupee of petrol and diesel increases the central government treasury by Rs 13,000-14,000 crores annually.

Now, Rs 32 tax on petrol,

before Rs 31 on May 31, 2014, on diesel, there was a total tax of Rs 9.48 per liter on petrol, while on diesel, there was Rs 3.56 per liter tax. Currently, out of the petrol we buy, we pay only Rs 31.83 per liter tax. There is a tax of Rs 31.83 on every liter of diesel purchased.