GAS CYLINDER prices released in May! Click here to see the new rates


Oil companies release prices for gas cylinders on the first of every month. Therefore, prices have also been released for May. There has been no change in the price of gas cylinders weighing 14.2 kilograms used in homes. At the same time, the price of commercial cylinders has been cut by Rs 46 in Delhi.

The price of the first 19 kg gas cylinder in Delhi was Rs 1641.50, which has now come down to Rs 1595.50.

LPG prices have increased by Rs 175 in 6 times

There is no change in the 14 kg LPG cylinder used in homes. It is available in Delhi for Rs 809, while in Kolkata it costs Rs 835, in Mumbai it is Rs 809 and in Chennai it is Rs 825 per cylinder.