Even the world's stock market does not want President Trump to come back to power


US President Donald J. Trump tasted Trumpism by following a policy of protectionism, but interestingly, Trump does not want the world's stock market to be listed as a businessman in the real estate business. On Wednesday, October 4, President Trump claimed his victory, danced, and even threatened to file a petition in the Supreme Court alleging rigging in the election counting. His threat was disheartened by businessmen around the world. Europe's stock market saw a downward trend and the Indian stock market also suffered a setback.

Late on the night of October 5, when it was past midday in the US, the stock market trader Sanjay Aggarwal felt that Biden would take the lead. If the gap increases, the stock market will accelerate. Seeing this attitude, Sanjay Aggarwal said that he has made a purchase in the Indian stock market today. The BSE Sensex has climbed over 500 points. The Nifty is also indicating well. There are signs that the world stock market, including the stock market of Europe, will continue to boom. Along with Sanjay Aggarwal, Vishwadeep, who shares in Connaught Place, also says that it may continue for a few days.

Raghav Gupta, who is pursuing an MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, has the same hope. Raghav Gupta says that business people always decide by looking at the interest of the business. They feel that after President Joe Biden comes to power, he will see positive signs in the global economy. Rajesh Chaudhary is an IT professional. He says that the growth of Indian companies in the IT sector has stagnated. We all want Joe Biden to come to power in America. If this happens, India will easily achieve the next milestone in the software sector.