Detel PRO Corona Crisis Launched Oximeter for just Rs 799! Click here to know from where to buy


In this phase of the COVID-19 crisis, there are cases of lack of oxygen every day. To measure the amount of oxygen in the body, an oximeter used in the finger is used. Because of this need, Detal's Health and Hygiene vertical DitlePro today announced the launch of its oximeter at the rate of Rs 799 + GST. Its price is very low. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has waived basic customs duty and health cess for 3 months on oxygen-related equipment after the COVID-19 epidemic worsened.

Most people are isolated at home and in such a situation it is very important to measure oxygen at home. In a panic, people are looking for reliable and cheap medical equipment. Because of this, the company has launched this oxy meter.

It is aimed at the non-invasive measurement of functional oxygen saturation. Trade and bulk orders of consumer oximeters can be purchased from and