CMIE : Urban men lost more jobs than women in the second wave


According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), urban men lost more jobs than women during the second wave of COVID-19. CMIE Managing Director and CEO Mahesh Vyas said in his analysis that the biggest loss of jobs due to the first wave of COVID-19 was among urban women.

He said that urban women account for about three percent of the total employment, but in the first wave of the pandemic, women accounted for 39 percent of the total job losses. Vyas said that out of 63 lakh job losses, urban women lost 24 lakh.

The second wave brought the burden of job loss on men

However, during the second wave, urban women suffered the least loss of jobs. During April-June 2021, the burden of job losses has fallen on men, with the greater loss of jobs among urban men. He said those who got their jobs back or found alternative jobs, found work at lower wage rates and household income declined much more than employment.

Urban males account for about 28% of the total employment in India. By March 2021, they had fewer job losses i.e. 26 percent. But, they accounted for more than 30 percent of the total job losses in the quarter ended June 2021.

third wave threat

The cases of coronavirus in India have not stopped yet. People are forced to take more loans. Millions of people have become unemployed due to Corona. For those who are working there, their income has come down drastically. Meanwhile, inflation has added to the difficulties. Now the danger of a third wave is looming. If the third wave of the corona epidemic comes, then situations like imposition of lockdown or corona curfew may arise and once again everything may come to a standstill.