Chinese company's gift in Corona era, car given as a bonus to 4116 employees


While the economies of countries around the world have suffered a setback in the time of the coronavirus epidemic and people are facing a crisis in their jobs, on the other hand, a Chinese company gave 4116 cars as a gift to all its employees on high profit Huh.

These facilities will be available for five years

Not only this, the Chinese company Jiangxi West Daiju Iron and Steel Corporation Company has decided that it will also pay auto insurance, vehicle tax, and number plates for five years.

Gift as a thank you to the employees

In this context, the officials of the company said that this is an appropriate time to give gifts to their employees as a thank you. The company said that we have made huge profits for five consecutive years and all this is due to our hardworking employees.

News is getting headlines

The company said that it wanted to do an event that the whole world would remember and right now this news is making headlines internationally along with the Chinese media. On this, people say that most of the companies in the world are considering employees as a burden, but this company has surprised by giving bonuses.

The price of cars is Rs 540 crore.

Of these 4116 cars, 2933 are Jiangling Ford Territory cars and 1183 FAW-Volkswagen Magtan cars. All these cars cost around 500 million yuan ($ 74 million or Rs 540 crore).