Big news for SBI customers, bank launches new facility to stop ATM fraud


The cases of bank fraud have increased rapidly in the Corona period. Despite the stringent regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks continue to be fraudulent. The fraudsters find some way to rob the common people. Keeping in mind the increasing fraud, the State Bank of India (SBI), the country's largest government bank, has launched a new facility for its customers. SBI has launched a new ATM service to provide secure banking.

The bank tweeted that whenever the bank is requested to check the balance or mini statement from the ATM, the customer will be alerted through SMS. The bank started this to ensure that the transaction is done by the customer.

The bank said that through this it will be helpful to know that no more transactions are being done with the customers' debit cards. This will reduce the number of fraud cases and will facilitate secure banking to customers. SBI says that if the transaction is done by someone else, the customer will be able to immediately block his or her debit card after getting information from the customer through SMS.

Relief to 44 million account holders of SBI

Recently, SBI had waived some fees while giving relief to the account holders. These include SMS alerts and minimum balance. More than 44 crore savings account holders of SBI will get this facility. SMS alerts and minimum balance charges are no longer charged from customers. This service has become free.

Also, the bank also said that to get rid of unnecessary apps, download #YONOSBI. That is, the bank has abolished the charge for backing service messages from the customer's account to the registered mobile number. Now the customer will not have to pay any charge for this.