Bharti Airtel will not bid for the 5G spectrum if the reserve price rises!


Telecom major Bharti Airtel has indicated that if the reserve price remains high, it will not bid for 5G spectrum. Gopal Vittal, managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) of Bharti Airtel, India and South Asia, said on Wednesday that DoT may auction spectrum between January and March next year, but the reserve price of 5G spectrum is kept high. , Then Airtel will not bid for it.

Vittal said the company is working on a spectrum auction strategy. The company can bid for spectrum of frequencies below 1000 MHz to improve network within buildings and in rural areas. He said that according to the information we are getting from the Department of Telecommunications, the auction of spectrum can be done by early next year. This can happen during January to March next year. "If the reserve price for 5G spectrum is kept very high in the auction, we will not bid for it," Vittal said. We are not in a position to buy such expensive spectrum. ''

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended a price of Rs 492 crore per MHz for the 3,300 to 3,600 MHz band. The spectrum of this band is currently considered suitable for 5G services. Telecom companies desirous of purchasing spectrum for 5G services will have to spend a minimum of Rs 9,84,000 crore on an all-India basis, as TRAI has suggested keeping it at a block size of 20 MHz.

Earlier too, Bharti Airtel had said that it would not bid for spectrum at the recommended price of TRAI as companies would have to spend around Rs 50,000 crore to buy the appropriate amount of spectrum in this band.