Annuity Plan: A chance to get a return with a pension after retirement


If you want to get a regular income after retirement, then you can invest in an annuity plan. In this, after 60 years of retirement on lump sum investment, you get the facility of return with a pension. Before investing, know how much pension and returns are being received in which plan.

Plan Annual Pension Return

HDFC Life New Immediate 63,700 6.4 Percent

IPru Life Immediate 60,406 6.0 Percent

SBI Life 55,513 5.6 Percent

Tata AIA Life Smart 58,238 5.8 percent

Max Life Guaranteed Life Income Plan 60,080 6.0 Percent

PNB MetLife Immediate Annuity 61,514 6.2 Percent

Kotak Lifetime Income Plan 57,503 5.8 Percent

Canara PensionForLife Plan 59,384 5.9%

IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed 62,721 6.3%