An unskilled laborer will take ten thousand years to match Mukesh Ambani's one-hour earnings, the report revealed 


While the lockdown imposed by the Coronavirus made it difficult for the poor to live, the wealth of Indian billionaires had increased significantly. A report by Oxfam, an organization working for poverty alleviation, reveals this.

Oxfam's report 'Inequality Virus' states that the wealth of Indian billionaires increased by 35 percent during the lockdown. According to this report, the wealth of 100 billionaires in India increased by Rs 12,97,822 crore in the period after March last year.

The Oxfam report has pointed out the income inequality in the 'Inequality Virus'. It was told that during the Corona epidemic, it would take an unskilled laborer ten thousand years to earn the largest amount of income that Mukesh Ambani earned in an hour.

That is, it would take an unskilled laborer three years to get the income that Mukesh Ambani received in one second during the corona epidemic.