All these rules of SBI will change from July 1, will now charge for cash withdrawal more than 4 times in a month!


Many rules are going to change in banking and income tax from the first of July. Among them, the new rules of the State Bank of India with the most customers are prominent.

State Bank of India branch or ATM, now you will be able to withdraw cash only four times in a month. Thereafter on every withdrawal Rs, 15 plus GST charges will be deducted from your account by the bank.

Banks will now charge Rs 40 plus GST charges for a checkbook of 10 pages free of cost. If the checkbook is taken in an emergency, then the charge will be 50 rupees. Yes, if you withdraw money from the home branch through a checkbook, then the fee can be waived. This rule will not apply to senior citizens. They will get the checkbook for free as before.