After all, why can't a government make every citizen of India a millionaire by printing more notes! 


In India, many people live below the poverty line and many people must have thought that why the government does not distribute many notes and distribute them to the people? Why not make everyone a millionaire? Many questions related to this are often asked.

Economists say that no country can print a note of its own free will. There are different rules and laws for printing notes. If a lot of notes start appearing in the country, then suddenly all the people will get a lot of money and the needs of the people will increase.

There have been many cases of printing of notes of their own free will and many countries have made such a mistake. After this, the value of currency there fell so much that people had to carry money by filling bags to buy bread and eggs. The same mistake was made by Zimbabwe in South Africa. The value of one US dollar there was equal to 25 million Zimbabwe dollars due to the large print of the note.

So now you must have understood why the government does not do this and why large amounts of notes are not printed. Because of this, the price of Indian currency will fall a lot.