06 January 2021 Gold Price: Gold and Silver prices fall! Click here to know the latest price


Today, gold prices decreased after two consecutive days of gains. Gold and silver on MCX are down by one percent from fourth today.

Today gold prices are getting soft. February futures of gold on MCX opened lower by Rs 160 per 10 grams. The prices are still trading at Rs 51560 per 10 grams.

Today, March futures on MCX opened with a fall of over Rs 550 per kg. Currently, the prices are above 70300, but if the fall in silver increases, then all the gains earned tomorrow will be worthless.

Let us take a look at the price of gold and silver in your city, what is the trend of 10 grams of 24-carat gold in four metro cities.

10 grams gold

city gold price

in Delhi 54,700

Mumbai 51,320

Kolkata 53,260

Chennai 52,950

1 kg Silver

City Silver

Delhi 70,200

Mumbai 70,200

Kolkata 70,200

Chennai 74,500