You can be robbed because of your social media status as the thieves have now become hi-tech!


Due to the arrival of smartphones, people have become very active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Everyone has the craze to enter their photo and update the status.

But do you know that it also has side effects?

Do you know that your status can rob you?

This craze of social media may overwhelm you. but now ordinary thieves have become hi-tech thieves who can break into your house and rob you. Earlier, they had to wander on the streets day and night to search for the house which they can break-in to rob, but now the work of searching home to steal has become easy. According to the information, thieves now sit in any cyber cafe and find out which house is empty and easily make a plan to rob the house.

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The craze of social media is so much on us that we also write all our things in status such as "On Holiday", "Out of Mumbai" and upload our photos as evidence.

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And the vicious thieves take full advantage of this, which today the thieves have now become hi-tech.

But we request you to please do not deliberately disclose your personal life publicly on social media, otherwise, the thieves which have now become hi-tech will take this as your invitation to them and then they can rob you and you will have nothing left to regret

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Not only this, let this message be communicated to the people of your locality, your society so that our society, as well as our family, remains safe.