Woman falls in love with husband's stepfather, divorces husband, and marries 29-year-old father-in-law!


It is said that whom we want to get married, it is decided beforehand and couples are formed from above. But sometimes it all becomes very strange. These days a similar case is going viral on social media. A woman divorced her husband and then married her father-in-law, who is 29 years older than her.

Not only this, but both of them also gave birth to a child 3 years ago. Erica Quiggle, 31, of Kentucky, USA, met Jeff60 when she was 16 years old. Erica and Jeff's stepdaughter then used to be friends. At that time, Erica's friendship with Jeff's step-son Justin also began to grow. During that time both of them fell in love and both got married. Jeff became Erica's father-in-law. After marriage, Justin and Erica began to grow estranged and had a son in 2012, yet the distance between the two continued to grow.

Meanwhile, Erica's father-in-law Jeff came closer to her. The two began to like being together and the two fell in love. When Erica and Justin got divorced in the year 2017, she told everyone about her and Jeff's relationship. Erica says that Justin was very supportive in this matter. He had no problem with this. Erica later learns that she is going to be the mother of 60-year-old Jeff's child. The two married and gave birth to their daughter Bexley from Jeff.