When Egypt Airlines passenger plane suddenly disappeared just 20 minutes before its destination, no one knows what happened to it till date


Many times such incidents happen in the world, which is not easy to believe. Something similar happened in 2016. Egypt Airbus-320, a passenger plane of Egypt Airlines from the world's most modern airport to the city of Cairo, took a total of 66 people and suddenly disappeared from the sky. So many days have passed since this mysterious incident happened, but no clue has been found so far.

Egypt Airlines' passenger plane Airbus-320 flew from Paris on May 18, 2016, to the city of Cairo, Egypt. In this four-hour flight, the ship had also completed 3 hours and 40 minutes and the floor was just 20 minutes away. But suddenly this ship lost contact with the traffic centre. After this, it is lost in the air. Although many assumptions are made about its disappearance, nothing was known about the ship.

It was first estimated that the aircraft might have been hijacked by the terrorists, but then later no such signs were found. After this, it was again assumed that the plane may have crashed somewhere. A search operation started again regarding this. For several months and in many countries, the aircraft continued to be searched, but nothing worked.

Mathapachi started at the airports of both countries over the disappearance of the ship. Shortly thereafter, a statement by the French President François Hollande comes out that there is no hope of finding the missing Airbus safe. No theory can be dismissed about this disappearance. It could also be some kind of terrorist action or an accident.

According to the information, a total of 66 people were on board of that aircraft, including 10 crew members and 56 passengers. The ship was about to reach its destination in 20 minutes but it suddenly got out of the radar. After this, many attempts were made to make contact with this ship but all failed. Till now nobody has known anything about this ship.