Was 193kg at the age of 10 - today he became so thin by hard work - click here and view photos


Friends, today we are going to tell you about a child whose name is Arya Paramana. There was a time when this name was known as the world's thickest child, but now it is not so. Arya is now very thin. Videos and pictures of Arya Parmana's lean body having an extremely thick body are also becoming very viral on social media these days.

Where is this boy from?

This boy is from Indonesia. Earlier it weighed 193 kg. At that time Arya was considered the world's thickest boy, but now Arya has changed completely. Slender Arya is now seen in a video exercising in the gym.

According to the famous daily newspaper report, a physical trainer named Ade Rai has shared these pictures and videos of Arya being lean on his social media accounts.

How Arya got slim?

Arya's weight loss journey started in 2016. At that time Arya was only 10 years old. Arya started his journey of weight loss since then. Arya got success in this and today Arya is already very thin.

What is left now?

Arya has lost a lot of weight but still has to remove the extra skin on his body. Arya has told that she has also undergone surgery to reduce obesity and has also worked hard on exercise and diet. However, Arya will have to undergo 2 more surgeries to remove the extra skins on his body.

When did Arya meet his trainer?

It was only 2016 when Arya Paramana met his trainer. Earlier, Arya Paramana's life was very difficult. Arya's trainer questioned Arya about his day's care. The trainer also asked Arya his diet. After that Arya started following his trainer's diet chart.

How is life now?

Previously, where Arya Paramana used to have difficulty in walking, now Arya can play tennis, badminton, soccer, and football like other children very comfortably, whereas earlier Arya Paramana did not get out of his house and also in the house. There was a tank immersed in water.