Very unique fish found in India, change its colors like a chameleon, its full of poison


For the first time in the country, a rare species of fish has been found which specializes in a color change. By the way, we have only heard the chameleon changing colors, but this poisonous Scorpionfish also changes color immediately to hunt and defend itself.

This color-changing fish has been discovered by scientists of the Central Marine Fisheries Institute (CMFRI). The name of this fish is Scorpionfish, some pictures of which have been shared by CMFRI on their Twitter.

Dr. Jeyabaskaran of Central Marine Fisheries Institute said that Scorpionfish has been found in the Gulf of Mannar. At the time it was seen, it was hidden in the grass. This type of fish has been discovered for the first time in the country.

Scientists of CMFRI say that this fish stores poison in its backbone. In severe condition, it uses it to change its color.

The scientific name of Scorpionfish is Scorpionospisis Neglecta. Its speciality is that it changes its color in just 4 seconds. It is very poisonous. Its sensory organ is in its tail which is very sharp.

In the photo, you can see how this dangerous Scorpionfish changed its color to black.