Two-month-old girl's heart transplant, viral pictures will make us emotional


A successful heart transplant of just 66 days and weighing three kilos has been done in China. This girl's name is Ruirui. Let me tell you that Ruirui is the youngest and underweight girl in Asia who has had a successful heart transplant. This information was given by the doctors of Union Hospital of Wuhan city. These emotional pictures of Ruirui with his mother are very special in themselves.

Ruirui with her mother - Photo: Social Media

According to media reports, Ruirui has been transplanted to the heart of a four-year-old boy named Tongtong. Tongtong, a resident of Guangzhou in Guangdong province of China, died after falling from a tall building. Hospital officials persuaded Tongtong's parents to donate their organs, giving other children a new life from its organs.

Symbolic photo- Photo: Pixabay

While giving information, Dr. Dong Nianguo, who led Ruirui's surgical team, stated that the organ donor had a larger diameter of the aorta of the heart, so many challenges were encountered at the time of transplant. Now Ruirui is completely free from the troubles after the operation. He is kept in the ICU for care for three months.

Symbolic photo- Photo: Social media

In the year 2014 also a child had a heart transplant

Even before this, a 113-day-old baby heart transplant was done in 2014 in Wuhan, China. The weight of this child was 4.25 kg. This child's family spoke to the organ donor's family for hours. After his counseling, Donner's family was ready for the operation.