To save from winter, a man burnt millions of notes and jewels!


To get relief from the cold, you will also often sit in front of the bonfire and heat your hands. Wood is used for this. But a unique case has emerged from the city of Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh, about which you will be surprised to hear. The man threw millions of rupee notes and ornaments into the fire to escape the cold.

The person is said to be mentally deranged, who lit the fire with 500-500 notes. In an area like Bundelkhand where poverty is seen, everyone is shocked by such an incident.

According to the people living in the neighborhood, the person smuggled millions of cash, two Android mobiles, and a sharp weapon including gold and silver jewelry into the garbage heap. When this cash was burning, the mentally deranged person was laughing loudly. Laughing, he was saying that if I got a cold, I got what I got and got rid of a cold wave. But now the question arises that from where this madman got so much cash!

On receiving information about this incident, the police reached the spot and started the investigation. The police are investigating after considering several aspects in this case. The police and administration are not ready to say anything and open their mouths in this strange case. Also, the case is being investigated continuously.