To get beauty, women here have to do this at a young! You will be surprised to know 


There are many such tribes in the world, many customs about which very few people know. By the way, every woman wants to look beautiful and be praised for her beauty. But today we are going to tell you about women of a unique tribe who do something to get beauty which will surprise you too. We are talking about the Suri tribe of Ethiopia, where very wide lips of women are considered a sign of beauty.

When the girls in this community are older, two teeth below their mouths are removed. After this, about 16 inches wide piece of wood or clay is stuck in the lower lips. The larger the piece that is stuck in the girl's mouth, the more beautiful the girl is.

The larger the size of the plate placed in the girl's lips, the more cows her father gets in dowry. As per the tradition of Suri tribes, the father of a girl with a small plate demands about 40 cows in dowry, and the father of a girl with a large plate demands about 60 cows.