This three-story house built in 6 yards is amazing, rent is only Rs 3500


A house in Delhi, the capital of the country, has become a topic of discussion for the people. This house is built in just 6 yards in the Burari area of ​​Delhi. The house is also very attractive in appearance and people come from far away to see this house.

To say this house is built in just 6 yards but this house has a bedroom, a kitchen, a small staircase with a bathroom and a terrace. Pinki, who lives in this house, says that the house has been built in a different way and marble has also been used to make it. She lives in this house with her husband and two children.

Pawan Kumar alias Sonu is the current owner of this house. This house was built by Arun Kumar himself. He was a mason himself. People nearby say that he sold the house due to debt.

Pinki lives in the Banda district of UP living as a tenant in the house and the rent of this house is only 3500 rupees. Everything is available in this house according to the need of a house.

The house is 6 yards on the ground floor, but when you go up from the ground floor, the length and width of this house increase. Therefore, it appears 16 yards from the first floor.