This is done with skeletons here, you will be stunned.


All the countries of the world have different traditions. However, some have no importance at present. Something different is seen in European countries.

Today we are going to give information about a place here where skeletons are seen wearing more than alive humans.

According to reports, during the year 1578, some mysterious tombs were excavated under the road of Rome and the skeletons were taken out. These graves and skeletons are called 'The Catacomb Saints'. These skeletons were divided throughout Europe.

These skeletons are kept in European churches with precious ornaments and clothing. Through this, an attempt has been made to give the message to the people that money and richness is waiting for them even after death. These tombs are said to have belonged to humans who have been considered saints due to bravery and unwavering support of Christian beliefs.