This is a dangerous tradition related to the private part of women, it is called circumcision!


Worldwide, women are tortured in many ways in the name of tradition. One of these methods is circumcision. This is a type of tradition that is associated with the private part of women. In this tradition, an incision with a blade or a sharp weapon is sewn to the Vagina. In many places, a part of the private part (clitoris) is also cut.

It is believed that the girl can control her libido (sexual desire). Apart from this, religion, tradition and social practice are also cited. Female circumcision is practised in Muslim and Christian communities as well as some local religious communities. Those who do not accept this are socially boycotted. Female circumcision is more prevalent in African countries, Yemen, Iraqi Kurdistan, Asia and Indonesia. It is still recognized in many parts of India.

The circumcision of girls is between infancy and up to 15 years of age. It is usually the women of the family who carry out this work. Circumcised women are believed to be more loyal to their spouse. Circumcision can cause long-lasting pain, problems related to menstruation, urinary infection and infertility. Many girls also die due to excessive bleeding.