This Dreadful and deadliest Drug is rotting A Woman’s body


Internet desk| Dangerous threat of drug is increasing not only in India but in the world. Drug remains an international problem even today. Every year, millions of people lose their lives only by consuming tobacco, but tobacco, alcohol or cigarette gives a slow death to humans. There are also some drugs in the world that give the person crazy drug addiction, but they also start writing the story of their death rapidly.

Just recently a case has emerged from Britain, which will shock you after reading and viewing. The body of a 41-year-old woman living here is gradually rotting and the reason for this rottenness is the drug named Krokodil Drug.

The woman named Emma Davis, who lives in Britain, consumed the world's most dangerous Krokodil Drug, after which she has emerged to the worse condition. Krokodil drug addiction is the world's most horrible addiction. Because of this drug, Emma has suffered extremely dangerous wounds on her body, due to which there is unbearable pain, but she cannot do anything even if she wants.

Krokodil is said to be ten times more dangerous drug than heroin, which is made from chemicals called desomorphine. The first case of the Krokodil drug was seen in Russia, after which it was declared as the world's most dangerous drug.

Once it is injected into the body, the crocodile drug starts hollowing the body of the person from inside, due to which the blood vessels of the person can burst and the tissues present in the body end. Using it, the skin of people starts ending from inside and it starts to make your body like crust. Along with changing the color of the skin, there is a deep wound on your body.

The most famous Krokodil drug in Russia is the mixture of gasoline, paint thinner, oil and alcohol such as coden and hydrocarbons. The effect of this dangerous drug being used extensively in Russia is very fatal. It starts to show its effect only after one month of use. Due to this, the skin becomes thick and blackish like a crocodile skin.