This door is called Hell's Gate on Earth, one who goes in will not come back


There are many places on earth, which remain mysterious due to their special reasons. One of the few such places is the ancient Turkish city of Hierapolis. There is a very old temple in Hierapolis, which people call the Gate of Hell. People who go inside this temple, even those who go around, are never able to return and return. It is said that people come from humans and animals to die as soon as they come in contact with this temple.

For many years this place located in Heropolis remained mysterious. Because people believed that the people coming here are dying due to the poisonous breath of the Greek deity. Due to the continuous deaths, people named this temple as the 'Gate of Hell'.

It is also said that in Greek and Roman times, people were afraid to go here because of fear of death. However, scientists have solved the mystery of death. According to scientists, poisonous carbon dioxide gas is continuously leaking out from under this temple, due to which humans and animals and birds are killed.

Research conducted by the scientists revealed that a large amount of carbon dioxide gas is present in the cave below the temple. Let me tell you that only 10 percent of carbon dioxide gas can make any person sleep in death within 30 minutes. At the same time, the toxic gas like carbon dioxide in the cave of this temple is 91 percent.

Poisonous gas coming out from inside this temple kills insects and animals and birds. This place is quite foggy and dense due to being completely filled with steam, due to which the land is hardly visible here.