This clock does not show 12 o'clock, you will be surprised to know the reason!


Have you ever noticed that there is no 12 o'clock in a clock. This cannot be imagined. You will be very surprised to know that a clock never strikes 12.

This strange watch is not located in India, but in the city of Solothurn, Switzerland. The clock on the town square of the city never strikes 12. The reason for this is that in this clock there are only numbers from one to 11. Number 12 is missing in it. The people of this city have a special attachment to the number 11.

The special thing is that the design of most of the things here revolves around the number 11. The number of churches and chapels in the city of Solothurn, Switzerland, is only 11-11. Apart from this, the museum and tower are also number 11 here.