This beautiful plant is more dangerous than snake poison, one can die after touching it


People plant trees all around their homes because they are not only important for us but also for the environment. We can not imagine our lives without trees. Different parts of trees are used to make paper, furniture and most important we get oxygen from the trees. so it is necessary to plant trees. But do you know that there are many plants in the world that are dangerous for humans. One can even die after touching these plants.

In London, a plant which is known a Hogavi or Killer Tree in the local language. These plants are found on the banks of the Lancashire River in Britain.

The length of these dangerous plants is up to a maximum of 14 feet. If someone touches this plant then blisters occur on his hands. Scientists believe that it starts showing its dangerous effect within 48 hours of touching it.

The scientists believe that this plant is more poisonous than the poison of a snake. The reason for this plant being poisonous is the chemicals known as Sensitising Furanocoumarins found inside it, which make it dangerous. This plant plays an important role in balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.