These countries have strange laws regarding undergarments!


Every country has its own different laws. Today we are going to tell you about such a law which is very strange and knowing which you will be surprised. There are laws regarding undergarments in many countries, so let's know about them.

There is a place in America, Minnesota, here it has its own different rules. Here male and female undergarments cannot be dried together on a single wire. It is illegal to dry women's and men's undergarments in a washing line.

Thailand obliges the wearing of underwear. This means that you cannot go out without wearing undergarments. So you need to keep this rule in mind.

In the Spanish city of Seville, there is a lot of shame about undergarments. Here you cannot wash and dry your undergarments. Even if you dry it, no one should see it.

Special underwear comes for women, whose name is Lacy Underwear. It is made of lace or mesh. Wearing this underwear is prohibited in many countries.

In some places in Japan, women are legally obliged to wear bras in buildings with air-conditioned.