These countries have peculiar laws in the world, ban on jogging somewhere and ban on jeans somewhere


It is very important to have a law to run the society properly. If the right law and order are not there, then it is natural that the problems will increase, but have you ever thought that what will be done if the laws that address the problems of the society become the cause of the problems of the society? There are many countries in the world whose strange laws will surprise you. Let's know about some strange laws of the world ...

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Ban on eating chewing gum

You may have heard often about the ban on things like alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, pan masala, etc. But have you ever heard of a ban on chewing gum? Let me tell you that since 2004, chewing gum has been banned from eating in Singapore. The government's reasoning behind this law is that there is a problem in keeping cleanliness. Not only this but inside this country you cannot bring chewing gum from outside also. If you have chewing gum, it will be taken away from you at the airport.

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Children's name is not free

Children belong to you, but you cannot name them by your own will. For this, the government will decide what will you name your child? This strange law is in Denmark. In Denmark, you cannot name your child as you wish. For this, a list of 7,000 names will be given by the government, out of which you have to choose a name. You have to put your child's first name in such a way that it is known by the name of the child whether it is a boy or a girl and if you want to put a name of your choice which is not in the list, then you have to take permission from the church and the government. .

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Stop jogging

Burundi is a country in East Africa where you cannot go jogging. Jogging for health may be beneficial, but you cannot do it by staying in this country. Actually, in 2014, the president of India has banned jogging. Behind this peculiar law, he argued that people take help of jogging for anti-social activities.

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Ban blue jeans

You must have heard the stories of the dictatorship of North Korean dictator Kim Jong. Kim Jong is also famous for making strange laws in his country. Let me tell you that blue jeans have been banned in North Korea. It is banned in North Korea to protect against the influence of Western culture.