These are the world's 5 most dangerous surgical strikes, NO.1 took place in the year 1976  


In the surgical strike, the meaning of 'S' is taken from Surprising. The surgical strike means military action by a country's army going outside its country's border. In general terms, surgical strike means a controlled attack by a country's army. When the Indian army killed terrorists by conducting a surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, then this surgical strike is in the news. Today we are going to tell you about the 5 most dangerous surgical strikes in the world.

1. Israel's mission

This mission was held on 27 June 1976 when Air 139 flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked by four terrorists. These people had guns and grenades. The ship was hijacked and taken to the Libyan city of Benghazi. The people of Israel who were travelling in this ship were taken as a hostage and the remaining people were released. Then some 200 Israeli soldiers rescued all the hostages by the surgical strike. This mission is also known as Operation Entebbe

2. Mission Osama bin Laden

In the year 2011, the father of terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed by the US army after entering Pakistan. Pakistan's Air Force did not even know about this surgical strike. The terrorist Osama was killed in this mission.

3. The mission of India to Myanmar

A large surgical strike was carried out in 2015 by a team of about 70 commanders of 21 units of the Indian Army within the Myanmar border. Earlier, the Indian Army was reluctant to go out of its range and take any action. But within this surgical strike, the army had killed 38 rebels.

4. United Nations Mission

The United Nations army has also carried out the surgical mission several times until now. But the only difference is that they call it a mission of peace. A similar mission took place inside Mali country a few years ago when militants hijacked a hotel. The United Nations army rescued the hostages by performing a sort of surgical strike.

5. Indian Army killed terrorists

A major surgical strike has been carried out by the Indian Army in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. In this, the army has killed some 38 terrorists. The army has also informed the entire world about this mission. The roots of the terrorists have been shaken since this mission.