These are the 9 most dangerous aircraft accidents in the world, after knowing about it you will not dare to sit in the aircraft


. Today we are going to tell you about the 9 most dangerous aircraft accidents around the world from this post.

1. KLM and PAN plane crash in 1979

All of us dream of sitting in the aeroplane since childhood. After growing up, we sit inside it and fly and then our life is considered successful. But, let us tell you that when there are plane accidents, then the person who survives in such kind of accidents is lucky

This plane crash is considered to be the most dangerous incident in the world. Some 600 people died inside it. When there was a collision in the ships standing on the runway, the spectator was shivering.

2. 1985 Japan Boeing Aircraft Incident

Due to a technical problem, if a ship collides with a mountain, what will be the result of this plane crash? Some 520 people were killed in this accident. By the way, after reading the story of this plane accident, the heart of the good comes to the mouth.

3. 1996 Boeing 747 and ILYUSHIN 76

The collision of two ships in the air is very sad. In 1996, ships from Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan crashed into the air and some 350 people were killed in it.

4. DOUGLAS DC- 10 in 1974

You are travelling on the ship and if it opens its door while flying in the air, then what should happen after that, you should guess. Something similar happened in this incident and 350 people lost their lives here.

5. 1980 Saudi Arabia Incident

Aircraft landed on the runway and as soon as it landed, it caught fire. After this, there was an atmosphere of chaos. Some 300 people were killed in this accident. Some people were roasted as if in the oven.

6. 1979 American Aircraft Incident

Aeroplane engine also fails many times. When the engine fails, the ship comes straight down from the air and gets stuck on the ground. Something similar was this incident. Some 273 people were killed in this accident.

7. 1994 Airbus Incident

Many times there are accidents while taking off the plane. Even a slight omission from the pilot on the runway causes a big accident. When Airbus, run by China, was being lowered, the pilot had made some mistake and 264 people were killed in this accident.

8. DC-8-61 aircraft accident in 1991

Aeroplane tyre gets punctured and if it got punctured many times and if there is any problem in the tire while landing, then the problem becomes very serious. Something similar happened with the DC-8-61 when it was flying and the tire fire became a ship fire in the air.

9. Columbia Plane Incident

An aeroplane carrying football players was recently cradled near the hills of Medellin. 71 people died in this accident. Most of the players are among those who die.