These are the 5 most famous Babas of India - You will be surprised to know about their wealth


Baba and Sadhusant used to spend their lives as sannyasis in the past, they had nothing. But in today's time, most of the Baba's are those who have assets worth crores of rupees. Today we will tell you about the 5 richest babas of India, knowing about their wealth will surprise you.

1) Ramdev Baba - Ramdev Baba is considered to be the richest Baba of India. Presently Ramdev Baba is running his "Patanjali" company along with teaching yoga to the whole world, through which he earns crores every year. Let us tell you that Baba Ramdev is making medicines manufactured by primary herbs as a product of his company Patanjali. Ramdev's company "Patanjali" has a turnover of more than 10 thousand.

2) Gurmeet Ram Rahim - Gurmeet Ram Rahim is considered the second richest Baba of India. Presently, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is serving the sentence of the misconduct committed by him in jail. Let us tell you that Ram Rahim has more than 300 crore total assets of the ashram in different parts of the country, from hospitals, gas stations, market complexes.

3) Nirmal Baba - Everyone will know Nirmal Baba. According to Nirmal Baba, he has a solution to all the problems. It is a different matter that the solutions he provides are a bit bizarre. However, Nirmal Baba has collected assets worth Rs 238 crores that to only by instructing people to eat Golgappas and samosas.

4) Morari Bapu - Morari Bapu is considered to be the fourth richest Baba of India. If we talk about Morari Bapu, he narrates Ram Katha. Let us tell you that the yearly income of Murari Bapu is around ₹ 300 crores.

5) Asaram Bapu -Asaram Bapu is considered the 5 richest Baba of India. At present, Asaram Bapu is serving a sentence in jail due to his misdeeds. Let us tell you that Asaram Bapu has more than 350 ashrams across the country and abroad, the cost of his total assets are around Rs 450 crores.