The world's only hotel you have to climb up to 60,000 Stairs to reach the top of the hotel


Whenever we all go for a trip, we choose the hotel according to our comfort. But today we are going to tell you about a unique hotel where one has to climb up to 60,000 Stairs to reach the top of the hotel. But still, people like to go here So let's know about the unique reason behind it.

Situated on the yellow mountain in Huangshan range, China the jade screen is a 4-star hotel which is about 1830 meters above the sea level. Some guests can also use a cable car or chairs to reach the top if they cannot climb up, but most of the guests like to travel through the staircase only

As soon as you reach the hotel, you have a wonderful view of the Huangshan Mountain range. Well, this hotel offers amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, but people come here to enjoy the mountain view.

It is the only hotel in the whole world where you can climb the stairs at an altitude of 1830 meters. This hotel is famous for couples, yes, couples come here and make their wish, write their name on the railing Couples put locks on the top and throw the keys from the top of the mountain! It is believed that if someone comes here with a 60,000 ladder and demands for the money, then his/her wish gets fulfilled.