The woman was troubled by period leakage for years, the doctor told that the truth that flew her senses away!


When a woman's period comes, she has to go through many problems at that time. Abdominal pain, back pain and restlessness, and mood swings are common. In such a situation, many times girls also have to face the problem of leakage. A woman from Texas was having a very strange problem, which she also shared on social media.

25-year-old Heather Welper took to social media to reveal that she has had leakage problems since her period. No matter how expensive a pad is used, but nothing works for her. Even when there is no heavy flow, it still had such a problem with it. But when she finally went to the doctor with this problem, she was surprised to know what the doctor told her.

The truth was hidden for 25 years

When Heather went to the doctor, the doctor did her body checkup. After that, she was stunned to know what she found out. Heather had not one, but two vaginas in her body. The doctor also told her that she would never be able to get pregnant because of two vaginas.

She gave information about this on Tiktok. She told how for so many years she was unaware that she had two private parts in her body. She further said that despite having two reproductive organs, she would regret not being able to become a mother for the rest of her life.

Even the husband did not know the reality

Heather is married to 27-year-old Calvin but her husband did not even know about it. Her periods were very painful. She took many medicines but nothing helped. But now she has come to know the real problem.