The woman earns Rs 35 lakhs within 17 days from this erroneous work, the truth comes out when the husband gets the news.


Money is a basic need to every person to run their lives and to satisfy physical amenities. But to be used incorrectly for this fulfillment, it is not right. One such incident happened in the United Arab Emirates, where a woman applied a unique way to earn money, and this work kept her behind the bars. This woman resorted to social media to carry out this work. So let's know the information about this whole event.

In fact, the woman is accused of socializing herself on the social media as a victim of an unsuccessful marriage and asked for help from the people for the upbringing of the child and collected only about Rs 35 lakhs within 17 days.

A Dubai police official said that the woman helped Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to raise money and through it, she cheated many people. According to the report of the Khaleej Times, the woman made her account on all social media platforms first and then asked financial help from people by showing her children's pictures. According to Brig Jamal al-Salem al-Zalaf, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Dubai Police, the woman was telling the people that she is divorced and she is up-bringing children herself, while later her husband said that the children were staying with him.

According to media reports, some of her friends and relatives had called the former woman's husband and told that her ex-wife is using pictures of children to begging her. After the husband's complaint the police arrested the woman. Police said that begging online in Dubai is a crime. For this, the accused can be given in jail term of three months or six months and the fine can also be imposed.